Deep Tissue / Therapeutic Massage $170/$220
Deep muscle tension is released by our therapists who combine highly skilled hands, focused techniques and soothing warmth to work deep into connectie tissue, releasing knots and binds. Approximately 60/90 minutes

Swedish Relaxation / Spa Massage $125/$175
This traditional Swedish massage eases muscles aches and tension, promoting relaxation and increasing circulation, and leaving you with an overall sense of well being. Approximately 60/90 minutes

Prenatal Massage $170/$220
These treatments utilize side-lying positioning and employ Swedish massage techniques to sooth and relax the lower back, pelvis and legs. Special attention is given to these areas in an effort to ease discomfort caused by pinched nerves, while increasing circulation to congested areas due to acquired child-bearing biomechanical weight changes. Approximately 60/90 minutes

Sports Massage $170/$220
Whether it's competitive golf, tennis, water sports or gardening--repetitive muscle movement leads to specific muscle spasm and pain. This is ideal for weekend warriors. A full body massage focuses on relieving tension and pain
built up from specific sports or other activities. Approximately 60/90 minutes