Dr. Harold Roher is a licensed chiropractor, originally practicing in the Patchogue community since 1989. Having served as past clinical director of multidisciplinary wellness clinics,he has the experience and expertise to recreate the Fire Island Spa and Salon experience.

Dr. Roher has carefully selected only the best and most qualified staff to serve the Ocean Beach and Fire Island communities. "Knowing what people want and expect from health and wellness services is the key to making your spa and salon experience the best it can be while away on holiday. Please feel at ease to inquire about all the services our spa and salon offers."

Spa services are the perfect adjunct when combined with Dr. Roher's specialized enhancement services.

Following specific massage treatments, Dr. Roher will gently realign virtually every moveable joint in your body. These techniques are used to treat professional athletes and entertainers prior to and after performing. These techniques are based on chiropractic and physical therapy principles and is specific for each patient.

Wellness Visit
Biomechanical enhancement at the spa involves a consultation, brief exam followed by biomechanical enchancement manipulative therapy to the entire body. These techniques and treatments are the perfect adjunct following massage of any kind.

House Call $150
Dr. Roher's concierge level of wellness services my be necessary for people who are unable to walk long distances or up stairs. The best part of a house callis the chance for Dr. Roher to do an ergonomic check of how you move in your environment. Seeing first hand how and what you're sitting and sleeping on is often half the battle to prevent injuries or chronic problems. The treatment is equal in quality to an office procedure.

Multilple Patient Discount
Depending on how many people are seen on a house call. 1-$150 2-$200 3-$250

Emergency Calls Sat/Sun Office-$300 House Call-$500